Murray’s at Manly re-opening and Rudeboy Pilsener

Alas, illiards couldn't make it

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the night arrived – the re-opening of Murray’s at Manly. 3 of the foundation BotF members got down there with our new inductee to be welcomed by beaming, happy staff, looking very smart in their all black outfits with a nice bit of Murray’s embroidery. The bar is long and mighty fine looking. 18 long handle taps present themselves and many of Murray’s finest are available. Hat’s off to Murray’s, they also had two beers guesting – St.Peters Cinnamon Girl and Pinchgout’s Black Pilsner.

Nice water jug

The joint had been freshly minted. The paint fumes were overpowering in the “Rudeboys” mens. Murray made an appearance to rapturous applause, he shook BotF’s hand and then he perched himself at the bar. I was pleased to see a Murray’s that I hadn’t had before on the tap list and I ordered a Rudeboy Pilsner. I went to check it in on @Untappd and was surprised to see that I had to create it. Wow, this is really new – another first for BotF! I think what’s happened is that Murray’s have rebranded their Pilsner. Very Quadrapheniac label and not surprisingly it’s ended up on a T-Shirt, as many of Murray’s labels could do.

So we are all delighted to see Murray’s at Manly re-opened. A tourist attraction in its own right – pay it a visit – the view’s cool and the beer’s cold. Congrats, Murray, and see you again soon.

Formerly known as Pilsner?