Mud Crab and Knappstein Lager

Bladdamaster reviewed Knappstein Lager in a post back in mid 2010 but the beer porn opportunity was just too good to miss and this was the only sample in the Fridge.

Notwithstanding Knappstein Lager is a sensational compliment to Mud Crab which have been few and far between after the Queensland floods earlier this year with prices around about $60 per kg. This BoTF correspondent has had a strike of luck this week and has managed a catch half a dozen decent size Muddies sufficient for a lunch time feast for the family. There are lots of immature Bucks around which is a good sign that things are returning to normal in the Estuary.

Whenever the opportunity permits don’t hesitate to get your claw around a Knappstein Lager …..