Sunday 18 December 2011 – Mid Curly

The classic pose. Gusticas ashamed of his appendage holds his bikkie high.

The lads enjoyed some technically challenging surf on Sunday as for the second week in succession we were delivered a 3 foot plus swell.

Next to no wind, but compromised by a falling tide, a massive summer horde, and shallow banks.

Whilst most waves delivered a resounding whump as they folded in a straight line across the beach, the discerning punter was rewarded with that odd set wave which peeled a few degrees astray of the others delivering a fast vertical wall to ply a tradesman’s craft.

Tame proved undiscerning early and was seen pile driving nose first into the sand bank.

Lund cornered a potential business client, shepherded him out into the rip and trapped poor old Bruce for over an hour as the session ticked by. Bruiser could be seen patiently waiting for a break in the monologue….”eeeeeennyyway..gotta get a wave”…but the break never came. Poor bugger only gets an hour then its back to nappy changing.