Craft beer led Greek recovery?

Lately we’ve been graced again with the presence of member Will or, as known when he submits posts to Back of the Ferry – oompalumpa. Oompalumpa has submitted some of the more quirky posts on BotF and interpreting his weekly recollections of the Sunday morning surfs required the skills of a cryptic crossword compiler . His last post on 3 April 2010 paying homage to illiards’ surfboard is a classic example of oompalumpa’s enigmatic but always entertaining prose. We’re not totally sure what has caused oompa’s writing block, but hopefully his more regular journeys home will see him contribute again.

Two greeks at the Quay

oompalumpa boarded the ferry last week baring gifts. He had been at a lunch at a Greek restaurant and spotted what appeared to be a couple of beers untried by BotF. Craft Microbrewery of Greece makes 6 different beers – a Red Ale, a smoked lager, a black lager, a weiss and the two we tried – Athens Lager and Pilsner. Not only does Craft Microbrewery brew beer, they also run two “Brew Restaurants” one in downtown Athens and the other in the Athens ‘burbs. Every dish is matched to a couple of beers and they also do the ever-increasing-in-popularity take-home growler. They charge 3 euros per litre (I kid you not), which works out at today’s exchange rate at a touch over $4 a litre, regardless of beer types.

Athens Lager

So, is any of the Craft Microbrewery range worth drinking? We started off with the Athens Lager. Totally potable, if a little sweet but really it’s a same old, same old. The Pilsner on the other hand had much more character and flavour. It had a subtle edge, a touch of spicy passionfruit and could be a great quencher on a 35 degree day. Reckon that this is one to revisit. Anything to assist staving off the European debt crisis.

Off Obelisk Beach