The Publican

The PublicanAs chief app correspondent for BotF it’s often my duty to cast an eye over something that’s a little different in the beer space – much like the recent review of Piss by bladdamasta.

Well in this case the app called The Publican released by Lion Nathan is nothing like Piss.

After the initial install, users select a name that they want to be called then select a name for your pub – something I didn’t expect to be so difficult. Bypass the pointless Facebook login and you’re away.

The Publican - Home

Now you have to start your shift and earn tips. The better you are behind the bar, the more you earn. The more you earn the more you unlock in terms of bigger pubs and more beers.

You start at “The Local”. Pour multiple beers and earn more points.

The Publican - Behind the BarThere is a very fine line between a short pour and an over-pour. I heard the bzzzttt sound a little too often on my shift.

Overall a good app that will keep you entertained for a little while…then you just get thirsty.