Redoak Honey Ale & an obituary for the Brookie Bottlo.

Redoak Honey Ale

Hmmm honey

I have been a bit hard on Redoak (their Organic Pale Ale anyway) and I sincerely wish I did not have to be. I love what they are trying to do and I love the beer cafe on Clarence St Sydney.

So I spotted a sibling beer in my local, the Brookie bottle, and thought I’d give it a try. More on that in a second. I noted that the Brookie staff were all now in a Wehrmacht-like uniform of black and the homey, slightly disorganised feel had gone. I asked the question, to which I already knew the awful answer. They’d sold out! Noooooooo…..they were now part of a mega Coleworths chain ..and the ‘discount’ branded chain at that.

I expressed my disappointment only for the newly uniformed staff member to inform me not to fret and that they would have the lowest liquor prices on the lower, slightly inshore northern beaches.

So I did a spot check. In its previous guise the Brookie always had the cheapest imported Becks around. At last visit it had been 35 Australian bananas a case. I checked the Becks….it was now $45 and, gasp, the locally brewed knockoff. I pointed this out to Adolf and in a patronizing tone he stated that the local product was far superior (bzzzzt – wrong) and they would not be importing anymore (bugga).

What’s more of a bugga is the bottlo is right round the corner and is tres handy when my beer fridge gets to half empty. There is an upside. They seem to have kept their fridge of domestic craft beer and this range seems to have increased in the weeks since the ‘sell out’.

On to the Red Oak. The beer was the Honey Ale. We’ve tried a couple off these here at botf and this compares very favourably.

The honey is understated but its still maybe a tad too rich to session. My favourite in this class is Beez Neez from Matilda Bay. The Red Oak compares well but just might be pipped at the post.