Bon chance, Les Bleus & Fürstenberg – 1283 heritage


Back of the Ferry prides itself on being fair, and it is only fair the French should get a run before tonight’s final. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to lay my hands on a French beer at short notice. The closest I could come was to find a German beer and pour it into a Belgian beer glass. It’s a poor analogy, but I came as close to a French beer as the French will come to winning tonight’s game. I can’t remember a grand final of any code where one team was so short. Hopefully tonight is some sort of spectacle – but I don’t think the Kiwis will be too fussed if it is completely one sided.

From the Black Forest

Fürstenberg is now one of the 170 brands owned by Heineken, but it has an impressive pedigree. It has been brewed in the Black Forest town of Donaueschingen, Germany since 1283. It’s a combination of metallic and malty tastes and is a fairly standard macro, which despite the 5.3% alcohol is pretty cheap at Liquorland.