Brief Carlton Pub Crawl and Alhambra Negra

Had an opportunity to meander back to Melbourne Airport. Chose Carlton as the pub crawl location.

First stop was the Corkman, an Irish pub that has taken over what used to be the Carlton Inn. This is deep in Uni territory and should do well. Roomy and a good feed looks to be available. White Rabbit Dark on tap, which is welcome.

Next stop (choosing to bypass the University Hotel) was Percy’s. Formerly the Astor, Percy’s is a real locals’ pub with a curator’s wet dream of Carlton Football Club memorabilia. Had a stubby of Abbotsford Invalid Stout. Great beer. Looks like a good feed. Parma & Pot – $14.

Next stop, Pugg Mahones. This is a beautifully appointed Irish Pub. Yep, it’s clear that it is a fit out, but it looks really good. Only one Irish beer on tap that I could see but the Guinness was fine.

Across the road was a completely different bar to the previous three. Markov PL is a very trendy modern reno of what was probably been an old building. Not a corner bar, but a street frontage. Really good tight Spanish Beer list. I had a beer I hadn’t had before – Alhambra Negra. Nice drop, not as big as the Invalid which was the standout of the 4 darks that I tried. Good caramel, slightly burnt taste and it is worth trying.