BoTF @ the Great Wall with Corsendonk and Fullers 1845

Unfortunately good luck on the weather front did not accompany us on our visit to the Great Wall and our day was “misty” as the locals like to say, which means it was a little like Pea soup and in complete contrast to the previous days “Beijing Blue”.  BoTF took the opportunity to review two previously un-encountered brews according to the Beer list.   These two beers could not be more different.  



two beers with a view


Corsendonk is a beautifully balanced entirely drinkable beer with a rich heritage and sits very well within the high benchmarks of Belgian brewers.  The website details a very interesting history of the brewery which dates back to the 1600’s and was originally operated by the Corsendonk monks.





Fullers 1845 is entirely different story.  To this day, both in my official correspondent capacity and in private consumption surroundings have I found a beer to be un-drinkable; Fullers goes fairly close to reaching that unenviable status.  It is shocker; ones breath is taken away after the first sip with the experience being akin to drinking burnt molasses (maybe the batch was bad).  The really disappointing thing is that it reads beautifully both on the label and the website but pensive anticipation quickly evaporates upon sampling.  The only saving grace was that the 6.3% alcohol content started to kick in about half through the bottle and nullified the taste buds.

Fullers 1845