RIP Steve Jobs and @4Pinesbeer OktoberFest

Short post. Much of this blog has been developed on the back of Apple Devices. That means Steve Jobs has been an enabler of this blog. The photos, the immediacy, the ease etc,

He was (I hate to use that term) the conduit of expression, sharing, enjoying of life, enjoying of music etc

I can’t believe he is gone. He was a legend and leaves a legacy bigger than Uluru – which isn’t a good analogy but it is the biggest thing I can think of that can’t be “biggered”.

Tonight I went to 4 Pined for their launch of their version of OctoberFest. I got my 4 Pines Stein and filled it full of 4 Pines version of Dunkelweizen. Good beer.

All unimportant given today’s news.

RIP Steve Jobs.