Urbock and Namibian Rugby

Far from Namibia

This is the second Namibian beer to grace the Back of the Ferry pages. Windhoek is reasonably widespread and I’ve seen it on restaurant beer lists. It was a pretty standard German influenced macro. Urbock is also a drop that is heavily influenced by the Germans. Bock is style of beer that originates from a German town – Einbeck – and this version has been made very true to that style from taste through to packaging. I thought that the goat that appears on the label might have been an African antelope that makes for good lion food, but apparently most Bock makers put a picture of a goat on the label. There’s two theories for the use of the goat. One is that Bock was only made during the sign of Capricorn and the other is a typically rib-tickling German joke about Einbeck sounding like “Billy Goat” when pronounced by Munichers.

Not as red as it looks

As a beer, Urbock is a beauty. It is a very rich, rummy tasting beer. It is quite spiritous, almost boozy, but not in a rocket fuel kind of way. Very malty and chewy. It is also visually appealing with a great deep reddish brown hue. It is only made once a year, so if you can get your hands on one do so. Not sure how I did to be honest. Namibia Breweries Limited proudly proclaim their adherence to the Reinheitsgebot standards and Urbock is no different.

Like a dropped pie

We don’t hear much about Namibia in Australia, except during Rugby World Cup time. Namibia’s only got 2.1m people living there, so they can’t be expected to really kick arse – and they’ve been on the end of some frightful floggings over the years. In the 2011 World Cup they’ve again finished winless, but they got a few tries on the board. One try they scored against Samoa was quite brilliant. They’ve got a couple of brave players, none braver than their captain who seems to lead with his face. I always thought the make-up in Rocky I was little unrealistic until you saw the melon on Jacques burger after the Samoan game. Not dissimilar.