1st Blog from blighty

The first blog for the 2011 UK tour, will try add a few new places of interest and beers to the back of the ferry menu .

Managed to survive the flight which seemed longer than usual and the seats more cramped, maybe I am just a year older.

On our 1st full day here took the kids to the Memorial ground to watch Bristol Rovers play Aldershot.  Rovers have fallen on relatively hard times and are playing in the English League Division 2. That being said the “mem” had a fair crowd of over 5,000. The kids enjoyed watching and listening to the Gas heads (Rovers fans)… sure it has improved their education and understanding of the English vernacular from some hard core football fans …… but even a few renditions of Goodnight Irene could not save them from a 1-0 loss. For Rovers fans small bit of salvation is City lost and for City fans at least they are not bottom.

On the beer front, picked up a few supplies from Tesco – they had 3 of the real ale type beers for £4. Picked up a couple of new ones (for other blogs though) ….. Exmoor Beast Strong Ale was the first cracked open. A porter beer with a strong flavour, this beast of a beer is nice dark rich chocolate colour and at 6.6% it has a fair whack. The fine print on the back of the bottle declared this is an award winning beer with characteristics of a strong old English Porter. Would buy again and probably will, but not one I could down too many in a session.

This beer hails from Wiveliscombe, Somerset which is on the Exmoor moors. For many years there has been much intrigue, particularly in the West Country about “the Beast of Exmoor” (hence the name and logo on the bottle). It is rumoured to be a black panther, which stalks sheep and deer across the moors. There have been many sightings, amateur video, dead sheep and theories about the beast. I guess it is highly plausible that a large black cat is out there roaming around on the often bleak and desolate Exmoor moors.

PS. Also Tesco picked up a couple of cans….. pint cans of the amber nectar…… still popular here !