The Lord Wolseley Hotel

The Lord Wolseley

Hen's Tooth

The Lord Wolseley is one of the last of a dying breed. A small corner pub, sans “brass & glass”, in a quiet inner city Sydney neighbourhood. If I’d ever had the chance to live the “single, no kids, piles of disposable income” dream, this is the pub I’d love to have round the corner. It’s cosy (officially it’s the narrowest pub in NSW), all the bar staff call you by your first name/nickname and there are no pokies!

The Wolseley and it’s ilk are indeed as rare as hen’s teeth in Sydney. The range of beer is macro brewery standard but that’s cool because they pride themselves on the cleanliness of their beer lines, the cheap bangers & mash and delicately flaunting local council rules with outdoor tables.

I am blessed as this is my work local. It’s de riguer to have a few bevadol fortes here at Friday lunch and if you are ever booked in your Outlook Calendar for meeting room ‘LW’, you can keep your bar tab receipts – it’s a work offsite – I can prove it.