James Squire IPA and a shared journey

James Squire IPA

A shared journey

The botf team are a privileged bunch. We live in a fine city and are able to meander home at the end of each working day on the rear deck of a worthy vessel that traverses the one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

Even better, the botf boys get to discuss the big issues over a few orange whips. We are not the first to do this, or the only ones who do this, not by a long shot. But this doesn’t stop us from forgetting that often we are sharing the botf experience with many other equally exhaused desk jockeys, also blowing the froth of a few. They just don’t feel the need to write about it.

Public transport in Sydney is a funny thing. There are unwritten rules in regards to acknowledging and speaking (or not speaking) to others. While most on the botf, us and others, probably cross paths at weekend sports or other events there is still only a nod of the head, a quick ‘Hi’ and then it’s as you were.

Except on one evening we quizzed a solo traveller out the back with us on the botf. Turns out ‘Phil’* has been having a beverage out the back for 20 years. Made us feel a bit wet behind the ears. Much merriment followed as we shared stories about the federales (transport cops), ferries past and present and all the other botf topics. It served as a nice reminder that life is a shared journey. All this still means that next time I see Phil I will give him a simple public transport approved nod.

The beer enjoyed during this trip was James Squire IPA. Given how long we’ve been reviewing beers it’s odd that this one has taken so long to appear. This was the first real India Pale Ale your correspondent tried. It has been rebranded as ‘Stow Away’ IPA since the photo was taken above but the beer is the same. It has busy first taste, a little bitter but not unpleasant in the follow through with a sweet ending. A very good beer.

* not his real name