Kembery Regional Ale

In front of the label's inspiration

As I write this post I am sitting on the side of the Hume Highway 2kms north of the Avon Dam Road bridge aka the middle of nowhere aka much longer I’ve ever intended to spend near Bargo. The clanking sound that emanated from the Terios sounded terminal. We’ll see.

As I wait for the tow-truck, I reflect on my time in Canberra and the discovery of 4 new brewers (not counting the world of riches at Plonk bottlo, where over 800 beers can be found).

In addition to Wig & Pen, there was the Strickland Beer Group, Zierholz Premium Brewery and the unlikeliest of the lot – Aldi. There’ll be future write-ups on the latter two with more beer porn, but I’m limited to one photo per iPhone email post.

Kembery Regional Ale is the only bottled beer from Wig & Pen. Kembery is an earlier name for Canberra bestowed by a Polish explorer. It’s a reasonable drop with a nice amount of bite. Probably best described as a mild pale ale. It’s a shame they can’t bottle the Firey Aztec, but this will do.

Tow truck has arrived.

Maybe bye, bye Terios