Foursquare Offers…Good Ones!


For those of you that may not be aware, Foursquare is a mixture of loyalty and competition wrapped up in location awareness for your smartphone.

Put simply, you “check-in” to establishments – pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, your dry cleaner, work, the beach or if you’re lucky enough 1st Choice Liquor at Naremburn. Each check-in earns you points and you compete with your friends for the most points. If you lead the ladder for check-ins at a particular venue then you become the Mayor. Mayors sometimes get special treatment like free coffees or a little something extra on a particular “Special Offer”. Which brings me back to 1st Choice Liquor at Naremburn.

1st Choice Naremburn OfferI’ve just been up there for the fortnightly “shop”. As you enter there’s a Foursquare logo in the window with a reminder to check-in and claim this week’s deal. Fortunately for me the deal this week is 50% off any 6 or 4 pack of beer. Magic! A 6 pack of Monteiths Golden Lager for $7. It doesn’t get much better than that. (For the record they were out of Fat Yak due to this week’s special!)

I haven’t even got to the best bit yet.

At the check-out the chap behind the counter knew everything there was to know about the offer, happily cut 50% from the cost of my 6 pack and informed me that there will be a new one next week and I should stay tuned to 1st Choice on Twitter as they often ask the Twitter fraternity what they would like to see on offer for the weekly deals. How brilliant is that!

All I can say is that it’s great to see a retail outlet embracing technology like this and making sure that the staff know exactly how to use it and upsell it’s benefits to customers.

Are you listening Gerry Harvey?