Inductions Cam and Rory #26 #27 – our first Melbourne BotF inductees

Sydney Harbour Bridge (l), Rory (c), Cam (r)

It’s been a long time since a Back of the Ferry induction, but last night we had two visitors from Melbourne on board who have heard about the unique combination of the acquatic and alcoholic that the Manly Ferry provides and were as keen as mustard to join the ranks. The boys’s night out in Manly will be separately covered.


Favourite Beverage: Asahi
Favourite sport to spectate: Women’s Beach Volleyball
Area of trivial expertise: Photograpy


Favourite Beverage: Guinness
Favourite sport to spectate: Hurling
Area of trivial expertise: Fibre Optics

Cam has been instrumental in some great nights out in Melbourne, including arranging BotF’s meeting with Saint Kilda Brew (@SaintKildaBrew) at the Middle Park Hotel (@MiddleParkHotel). It was great to return the favour and show off some of Manly’s gems. Rory participated in those evenings with gusto and was grateful for seeing Manly after spending his working day at Parramatta.

Welcome aboard lads.