Doctors Orders Synapse – are all cab drivers clueless?

Doctors Orders Synapse at Biero Bar

Absolutely no expectations

Back in the 1980’s I remember hearing over the radio that some Sydney cabbie had just been named “the world’s best taxi driver” at some gala event in the US. I can’t find any mention on Wikipedia of this highly regarded competition (so it can’t have happened) but I always imagined it was some cheeky inner city cabbie who had passed, with flying colours, various challenges that involved getting a passenger from A to B in a city where he had to learn the street grid anew (surely it would have held in a neutral venue?), passenger courtesy, honesty and maybe a mystery challenge that involved all of the above and a drunk that hurls his kebab all over the plastic-covered back seats (do you remember those in cabs?!).

I remember there being no cries of outrage or ‘can you believe its’ from my parents at the time. But can you imagine any Sydney, Melbourne or Aussie cabbie winning such an event now? Apart from a few outstanding examples, I reckon no Aussie cabbie would trouble the scorers if such an event is still held today.

My peculiar beef with cabbies is that most have no idea where you want to go. Regular readers will know I’m from Sydney. I go to Melbourne alot for work. I work for a large corporate in a pretty central location. Without fail I have had to direct every cab from the airport to this address. Give’s me the irrits.

Anyway, a cabbie did get me to Biero Bar where I enjoyed a Doctors Orders Synapse. I had absolutely no expectations of this brew. Doctors Orders ( @DRsOrdersBrewin ) produces a regular seasonal brew with Synapse being the latest. I understand its actually brewed in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Saison (“season”) beers were traditionally low alcohol pale ales served to field workers during the harvest. They were low alcohol so the workers did not get legless and fall asleep in the product. Synapse ain’t pale and it ain’t low alcohol. It’s Tooheys Old dark and comes in at 6% ABV. It was a solid, “delicious” beer with a hint of sweetness. Look out for it. I’ve also seen it at Harts Pub in Sydney.