Carlton Cold on the coldest night on the ferry

My last Carlton Cold

Last night was a well attended session on the ferry, but due to rough seas we were unable to assume the normal position on the BotF. Occasionally, when the swell is significant the gates are locked and we are relegated to the Side of the Ferry. We were on our lonesome as there was also a fair bit of rain about and there is minimal sheltering on the SotF. One less hardy soul gave it a couple of minutes before scuttling inside muttering something like “You”re fuc&ing mad”. We had two gentlemen from the United Kingdom is our midst, including the infrequent commentator, Punchy, and they were marvelling at the balminess of it all. Punchy’s actually threatening a review of Black Sheep Bitter – so we look forward to that.

Inclement conditions

To be honest it was farkin’ cold. I’m not from the United Kingdom, so I was hardly revelling in it. What made the journey even more painful was the self-inflicted wound of a six-pack of Carlton Cold. I can safely say that BotF has now scraped the very bottom of Mr Liquor’s barrel (at least his Circular Quay outlet). This beer is rubbish. The “cold filtering” process which has ostensibly been used to bring you this “clean, crisp” beverage has rendered the beer completely flavourless with an upleasant feeling (not taste, just feeling). It is one of the few beers I’ve ever seen on Beer Advocate to be awarded an “F”, and 21 people actually went to the trouble to review it. Carlton don’t even bother doing anything more than listing its name on their website. It’s claim to fame was that it (apparently) was one of the first Australian beers to be launched in a transparent bottle. All that did in my opinion was make it look like a urine sample which it pretty much is. That is the last Carlton Cold I will ever drink.