Badlands Brewery Dark London Porter & Maredsous Brune

Far from Orange

Sydney’s cold snap is really conducive to drinking dark beers. It’s a tad oxymoronic or paradoxical, that you’d seek warmth by drinking a cold beer, but when a fine dark beer goes to work on your insides an inner fire is lit. I’m sure it is not just the gradual knitting of the beer blanket – dark beers are simply better to drink in winter.

A muddy brown

If anyone outside the Snowies in NSW knows about cold weather, it’s the good citizens of Guyra, Blayney, Oberon or Orange. Badlands Brewery is from Orange and is one of the new kids on the Craft Brewing block and the only one from the cold climes previously mentioned. Badlands have previously appeared on these pages before. They are taking a very traditional hands on approach to their craft and you’ve got to admire their innovations.

Tasting guide is leading

Their Dark London Porter is a hand made, hand bottled beer. You’ve got to believe that when the beer comes in a Grolsch style bottle, where the brewer helpfully suggests you can reseal the contents and consume within three days, that this is truly hand bottled. Seriously, if a beer in a 640ml bottle needs to be resealed – they’re not really trying. The tasting guide on the label is a little leading – good idea – but let the punters determine the hoppiness, maltiness etc. Bottom line is that Badlands are having a serious crack and they deserve all the support we can give them.

Abbey style beer - St.Pauls Eccleston

Maredsous Brune is an exceptional dark beer from Belgium. Like the Badlands, it is muddy and opaque in appearance and whilst being a Brune, it is as dark as the Badlands Porter. The aroma is to die for and it has a far heavier body. Plenty of chocolate in this one and it is just a corking beer. A winter special if you can find. The beer porn isn’t chronological and is a leftover shot from the weekend in Dungog. Maredsous is a Benedictine Abbey that has leased its name to Duvel for brewing purposes. St.Pauls at Eccleston is a little less lavish than Maredsous Abbey, but a great place to photograph beer.

A very dark Brune

Good Beer Week started yesterday in Melbourne. Good luck to all that sail in the ship Good Beer Week @GoodBeerWeek.