Shanghai Microbreweries and a Chinese Wedding

This BotF correspondent recently attended the Chinese wedding of a great friend and colleague.   I was thrilled to be invited, organised my Hongbao and was off Shanghai before heading back to OZ for a quick visit.  Arriving late morning prior to the evening ceremony I had the opportunity to have lunch at the Rainforest Thai Restaurant in Pudong that has a small microbrewery producing a dark and traditional coloured German styled ales.  Rainforest Draft Beer is sensational drop and all you would expect from its photograph description.  As a consequence of delays in serving the beer (not the food) we received a freebee providing the opportunity to sample both brews; neither disappointed and  helped set the stage for what was indeed a great wedding.  If members ever contemplate a visit to Shanghai please keep in mind the Kerry Hotel in Pudong (part of the Shangrila chain).  The hotel owners and designers are on a real winner here and have developed one of the more traditionally boring lounge bars into a full blown microbrewery called the The BREW .  This lounge bar is nothing less than sensational and is a stunning example of the use of stainless steel that sparkles invitingly right through to the hotel lobby.   Despite extensive research I was not able to find out too much more about this Australian designed craft microbrewery other than what is on the hotel website.  The dark ale pictured was partaken in the wee hours after the wedding and to honest not a whole is recalled from the tasting other than a great setting and the promise to return again. 

Rainforest Thai Restaurant

"The Brew" lounge bar at the Kerry Hotel Pudong

BotF's attendence at a Shanghai Wedding