El Diablo and a Part-Time Monk


The beer twitter/bloggerverse has been aware of a very interesting project being run by a beer blogger from Iowa. J. Wilson, writes Brewvana, and decided to go the 46 days of the Lent subsisting only on Doppelbock beer “liquid bread” and water. He’s been extremely devoted to the task and has set up a separate blog called “Diary of a Part-Time Monk“, which he has updated every day. Every now and then, he’s also posted a short video and he keeps us regularly informed with his weight (started at 160lbs, now 140lbs) and urinary passing frequency. There’s also some spiritual reflections as well and it’s been an interesting daily read.

A punchy 500ml

J. prepared meticulously for the task and got his local Des Moines brewery to knock up a one-off doppelbock called “Illuminator Dopplebock”. This correspondent spent a month over 3 days in Des Moines and it is great to see something good coming out of the place. He really thought about the fact he had to last 46 days as you can see from the following extract – “The goal was to produce a bold, unfiltered doppelbock, packed with calories and carbs so that I don’t wilt away on my journey. It’s heavily reliant on Munich and Vienna malts (and friends), and hopped with just the right amount of Magnum and Liberty hops. The OG starts at 1.076 (after having a couple bottles of Three Floyds’ Creeper recently, I was certain that though it’s fun to make beers big and meaty, this beer couldn’t be so big that it lost some measure of drinkability–and I needed a somewhat manageable alcohol content). To be historically accurate, we would have needed to crash this beast at a ridiculously high finishing gravity, so, that’s one place where my purist tendencies will be left by the wayside. Eric needs to sell the remaining beer, after all.”

Part-time Monk logo

J’s inspiration was the fasting methods of the Paulaner Monks at Cloister Neudeck ob der Au in Munich, that adopted the beer fasting method. If they’d had the beer I found down the back of a bottlo on Pittwater Rd, I don’t know how prayerful they’d have been feeling. There was one tin of a gold and black super Strong brew that I’d never seen before. I cannot find a photo of it on the net, and by piecing together some links I think this is brewed by the Bali Hai brewery out of Indonesia. The scary 4.8.standard drinks logo says “Under Licence”, but for whom? Anyway – it’s surprisingly sessionable – for the first 200mls – then things start to blur. Very strong – but bland, not Belgian. The scent is ethanol and eyewatering.

Good on you J. – I think you are in the home straight. May you last the 46 days, and I look forward to reading about the feed you’ll have after 46 days. Washed down with the lightest of lagers, no doubt. Would you ever drink any Doppelbock again?