Ranga Premium Red Ale and the Turf Bar

A late call up sees BotF back in Melbourne on a Monday eve for an early Tuesday morn. Despite warning signs QF455 got to Melbourne in time to watch the 2nd half of the last game of “heritage round” of the NRL. Good to see the old jerseys but if they were fair dinkum it would be the Powers Bitter Broncos v the Henny Penny Knights with original advertising adorning the jerseys. This BotF correspondent doesn’t have Foxtel so this is a treat.

Based on a previous visit, I chose the Turf Bar in Queen Street, Melb CBD because it is guaranteed to show the NRL here in Melbourne. This is a good sport spectator’s bar. The one photo per iPhone blog prevents me from showing the sign boasting “Sports Bar & Grill” which connotates images of baseball sports bars that I love to frequent in the US. It isn’t like those but the sport is well covered, but not sure about the Grill. The bookies bag gives a sense of the decent memorabilia that is everywhere. Originally named “the Turf Accountants Bar”, this is not a oncer.

The tap beer selection is nothing special, but the fridge is more inviting including untried for BotF (but not for Tipples) – Ranga Premium Red Ale. Will have to research the ownership of this finely bittered drop later, but this will do nicely for Monday Night Footy libations. Bottle has a badge stating “Australian Orangutan Project”. Whatever. I like it.

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