Hawkwind percolates Manning Bar

Hawkwind got their name from founder Nik Turner’s unappealing habit of clearing his throat and farting at the same time. Dave Brock is the only founding member still in the band that was formed over 40 years and at 69 is looking pretty fit for an old acid head. The band has had over 30 members including renowned science fiction author Michael Moorcock and 6’2″ tall, 52″ busted, Stacia who performed naked interpretive dance and joined the band because she was available at the time.

Well I was a big fan of ‘Space Ritual’ back in the vinyl era and was joined by a few hundred aging hippies, punks and alternatives at the Manning Bar, Sydney University to have a look at the band that is credited as linking the hippie and punk cultures.

A couple of excellent interpretive dancers (thankfully not Stacia who must be 60) provided great entertainment while the old blokes belted out the riffs. More visuals projected on a back screen were fresh from Kubrick’s 2001.

Manning Bar has a good beer range but $7.50 for a plastic cup of James Squire Golden Ale is a bit rich for this punter.

Overall a great show and a night to remember although a bit disappointed that they didn’t play Orgone Accumulator