Heineken Throwdown and HofBrau Oktoberfest

Spanish Heineken Throwdown

On many occasions, Mr Liquor at Circular Quay has had some unusual beers in the fridge at very special prices. We’ve always speculated about a container that has washed ashore at Botany Bay. Tonight’s oddment was a six-pack of Heineken for $9.99. That sounds simply like a very generous special until you read the fine print. It is a six-pack of Spanish brewed Heineken Throwdowns or 250ml stubbies. This’d be the perfect 6 pack, if you were going to do the 6 pack challenge.

Yacht up close

Plenty of big boats today, one of which got very close to the BotF.

Hofbrau Oktoberfest

Today’s obligatory beer review comes from Germany. If you’ve ever been to Oktoberfest in Germany, then chances are you’ve been to the Hofbrau tent. It’s the second biggest, and every second backpacker has probably knocked off one of their steins. According to their website, they’ve brewed Hofbrau Oktoberfest to celebrate Oktoberfest. Interesting choice of alcohol content, because a couple of Steins of this and you’d be face deep in sawdust. That’s not conducive to spending hundreds of Euros over a day, if you are slaughtered after two. When pommy_ch and bladdamasta shared a 6 pack of this on the BotF, we felt like we’d spent an afternoon in an outdoor beerhall.

A solid 330ml