Hahn White

It's all about oranges

Hahn White is an example where a marketing department has dominated the brewing department in developing a new beer. It is also hard to get away from the thought that the marketing department was “inspired” by the development of a similar beer by a rival. Two low carb white beers with orange and coriander notes come out within a month of eachother – the innovation shown by Fosters and Lion Nathan is really quite breath-taking. Pure Blonde White has been previously reviewed from a stubbie and came across favourably at the time. I’ve subsequently tried it on tap and it was barely drinkable. Fortunately I was running late for the ferry and could only fit it a middie.

The press release openly proclaims how Hahn has taken a Belgian approach to making white beer and emasculated it. “Subtly spiced with essences of orange and coriander it’s excellent with food and makes a great alternative to wine. A Belgian style wheat beer, or ‘white’ beer, Hahn White has been brewed with a lower percentage of wheat than traditional white beers, for an accessible and refreshing taste, brewed specifically for the Australian palate and climate and sure to appeal to men and women. It’s also lower in alcohol than other full strength beers and is low in carbohydrates and sugar.” Let me paraphrase that for you. We’ve reduced the wheat, alcohol, carns and sugar because Aussies can’t handle a real Belgian Wheat beer. Arrogance and I can’t believe Dr Chuck Hahn has allowed his name to be attached to this.

Do Belgians really drink like this?

The bottle describes a Carousel Ritual that a drinker is recommended to follow when drinking. The Ritual is called “Carousel” because the orange is cut with the “Carousel Cut”. This really is marketing bollocks gone mad. The only reference to a “Carousel Cut” I can find relates to songs cut from the final version of the musical “Carousel” that re-appeared in a director’s cut. The Carousel Ritual doesn’t exist either except in the sci-fi film “Logan’s Run”, where you die unless you subject yourself to the Carrousel (sic) Ritual. Insulting.

The beer pours cloudy and fizzy. It develops a head, but that fades pretty quickly. The taste is unaderwhelming, and it is more like a diluted Fanta than a diluted beer. As expected, just about all flavour has been removed including any bitterness. It’s one time that I’ve been grateful for a 330ml bottle. The long neck comes with a screw top and is supposed to replace wine. Lion Nathan want to sting you $8.99 for a long neck and ridiculously give you only 735ml. Pirates.