Moritz, Hansa and Snaketide rehearsing well

Formerly of Catalonia, now of Zaragoza

BotF can report first hand that rehearsals for Snaketide’s big gig on Saturday 12th February at Freshwater SLSC are going very well. This correspondent sat in on a couple of songs and the boys are hitting their stride and will be in full cry come Saturday night. There’s still tickets available and if you are interested let me know via comments.

When playing saxophone it is always important to keep one’s embouchure wet and supple. First up was the third of the trio of beers snaffled from Brunswick. I really, really wanted to like this beer – Moritz. A great bottle-top, a great logo, a great story about the founding of the beer by an Alsatian immigrant and its maintenance by 6 generations pre-dispose one very favourably. The website doesn’t compromise either offering only Spanish or Catalan. Disappointingly, this wasn’t good. An inoffensive first taste went downhill rapidly with a really metallic after taste.

In 1856, an Alsatian by the name of Louis Moritz moved to Barcelona and started a beer called Moritz. The brewery went broke in the ’70s and was restarted a few years ago by descendants of Mr Moritz, albeit in Zaragoza. It looks like they’ve spent more time on the website than on the beer. Give it ago and make up your own mind – but I’ve only ever seen it once.

A sturdy German

The rehearsal was long and embouchure moisture needed to be maintained. The second beer called to this noble purpose was a German beer called Hansa. Apparently if you want cheap piss in Germany, Hansa’s the go. That hasn’t translated to its cost in Australia, where a case is $69. That said, a case of Henninger is $32 (330ml), where as 24 500ml bottles of Hansa is $69 – so the difference is not as marked as it first appears. If its a cheap beer, its a pretty good one. Now owned by the Dortmunder Actien Brauerei the brand lives on as a cheapie and has been widely exported and is brewed in weird places like Namibia. This was a good solid Euro beer – pretty clean and good bitterness.

Gearing up for the 12th