Brunswick pubs, Hawthorn Pilsner and a Swannies legend spotted

The Cornish

BotF had a couple of unexpected hours between his last meeting and an airport teleconference and took a detour via Brunswick. What a suburb. In the hour spent strolling north along Sydney Road from Weston Street, BotF passed numerous pubs, cafes, restaurants and the most diverse collection of shops. You’d need to spend much more than an hour to really experience everything Sydney Road has to offer. Many pubs weren’t going to open until 4pm or later.

The Retreat Hotel

The first two bars visited for a pot were both at their least busy. Easy to envisage plenty of disco biscuit action in both the Cornish and the Retreat Hotel. The Retreat looks to be the pick. A tardis like interior in that it just keeps going and going, with paraphenalia adorning every wall. Massive beer garden at the back that was the place to be on a warm Melbourne arvo. The Court House Hotel (Brunswick) is far more traditional boozing and punting joint. Opens at 8am everyday except Sunday when the locals are probably climbing the walls waiting for the 10am open. I struggle to believe the link provided is that of the pub I was in earlier.

Quite different to its N Melb namesake

The Brunswick bottlo didn’t disappoint with probably 10 – 15 beers available that haven’t graced these pages and the cider collection was pretty good too. BotF snaffled a couple of newbies and the first tried was the Hawthorn Pilsner. Note the spelling – no “e” between the “s” and “n”. Pilsner comes from Plzen in the Czech Republic. Most Orstrayan pilseners are spelt with the extra “e”. Not sure if this reflects our phonetic pronunciation or if only Pilsner from Plzen can spell it Pilsner. No matter, the humorous lads from the Hawthorn Brewing Co have done everything right with this fine example of a pils(e)ner. Tart and crisp – just lovely on a hot day. Looking forward to their top 10 rated pale ale next.

Good stuff

Not as dark as Resch

Lastly, good to see an (ex) AFL player whilst in town. Can’t see this bloke indulging in a few St.Kilda cocktails in the pre-season.

A legend on both sides of the Murray