A nice Flathead and prettier than a mother-in-law


Very happy to see that BoTF members are expanding the beer reviews to the contiguous pursuit of fishing.  One of the greatest surf fish you will ever catch is a Flathead I have been trying to catch them for years in the surf and have only managed a few measly specimens.  On the 4th January 2011 at approx. 3:43PM 25 minutes before low tide in a sloppy surf within a nice gutter my luck finally changed.  Fishing with my son Benjamin (in picture) for Dart and Bream on very light tackle I managed to land this lizard.  So big the little rod could not handle it and I had to drag it up the beach.  Benjamin nearly wet his pants when he realised what it was and from that point forward claimed it as his own (well I almost let him).  The only thing better than catching a Flathead is eating one fresh and they are delightful cooked in frying pan greased lightly with butter and dusted with freshly cracked pepper.  They are certainly not the prettiest fish but they are fantastic to eat fresh and are the perfect compliment to any beer.