Bintang Pilsener – for Indonesian males who value friendship

Far from Kuta

BotF has not had the good fortune to get to Bali (or any part of Indonesia), but was given a very popular souvenir – the Bintang T-Shirt – by the first female BotF member, Carly. Since then, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a stubbie of Indonesia’s flagship brew. Now I’m sure that a beer can taste better depending on the surrounds, and I’ve had plenty of friends that have consumed this brew in its hundreds on boats on surftrips or holidays to Bali – but I’d really struggle to drain another. It might be “Brewed with Finest Ingredients”, but I found it really sudsy, yet watery. There was also an after-taste of cough medicine.

Bintang means “star” and has been taken over by Heineken. The website proclaims that “Bintang is positioned as high quality, value-for-money beer, for Indonesian males, who value friendship and togetherness with friends.” That may mean it helps Indonesian males get laid, though there is subtle gayness about this positioning. Why exclude females from this? Anyway, the Indonesian males can have this.

BTW, Bintang brings up the 40th country on the BotF Beer List.

The extremely popular Bintang T-Shirt