Bling India Pale Ale & the Royal Mail

BotF is in Melbourne and was able to pop into a cool West Melbourne pub and try a new beer.

The Royal Mail is yet another groovy Melbourne hotel. Located on Spencer Street, this is an unassuming pub with plenty to offer.

The taps are varied. The publican told me that you can’t not have Carlton on tap in Melbourne, but they have Mountain Goat and Little Creatures Bright amongst others on tap.

BotF spotted an untried beer in the fridge – Bling India Pale Ale – brewed by Bridge Road from Beechworth. This is a ripper. Plenty of sediment that suspends in its nut brown home. Beautiful hoppy taste, complex and deep. You could at look at this for ages.

The Royal Mail is a good joint. The publican talks to you and there’s a solid dinner menu.