Induction – Pat #24

Our latest member is a veteran of many a Back of the Ferry journey, but for the last few years (Expat) Pat has been living in England. Pat has been inspired by Charlie’s tales of West Country beverages and public houses and has offered to pick up the English baton with a few tales of South Coast drinks and drinking holes.

The next time Pat is in Oz, he will be formally inducted, but Mick and Patrick performed this induction ceremony by phone from the back of the ferry so it counts. Now to the questions:

Favourite beverage: Tooheys New
Favourite sport to spectate: Test Cricket / Test Rugby / Newcastle Knights
Area of trivial expertise: Great English Rugby triumphs since the 2oo3 world cup or English Ashes series wins since 1989

Pat is a renowned traveller and surfer (Yemen anyone?) and so we may also get some interesting additions to the BotF Bar Review Map.