Owd Rodger, Marston’s and an alternative Australian middle order

The Ashes are looming and it is with a heavy heart BotF realises that it could quite possibly be the first time in a very long time that the Poms might actually retain them on antipodean soil. In anticipation of having to acknowledge British superiority at something (other than economic incompetence or hung parliaments) BotF thought it appropriate to try another British beer.

Marstons sponsor the English cricket team. This used to be as useful as sponsoring the Italian army in terms of reflected glory, but it may become a masterstroke. Marstons is an amalgam of 5 breweries including Wychwood, which brews Hobgoblin – reviewed by Charlie, Jennings – reviewed by yours truly and Brakspear. They have more beers than were in the Australian squad for the first test. In fact they have more beers their stable than the runs scored by the 17 blokes going for the first test team on the weekend. The Marstons brew sampled this evening was a meaty concoction called Owd Rodger. At a fortifying 7.6% it had more substance that the Australian middle order. Very fruity and as rich as a Christmas pud. A really good complex ale, that I really enjoyed.

Clearly the Australian team needs to cast its net further adrift for quality bats. Below are a couple of likely lads that would keep the turnstiles spinning and not die wondering if picked.