The Orient Hotel – escaped unharmed

Orient Hotel

Cyril emerged with all appendages intact

There was a time during the 80s and 90s where if you mentioned you’d been at the Orient the night before, your mate would respond by asking how long you waited in triage. This place was rough and was always your last (unremembered) stop on the magic carpet that took you home. I used to leave my photo with the bouncers and ask they do not ever let me in no matter what pissed argument I came up with.

Times have changed, a pedestrian mall has been build outside and the insides have been brassed and glassed.

The Orient has a strong but not impressive list of beers on tap and a serviceable restaurant upstairs. It feels a bit touristy and, given its location, it can be forgiven for this. But it also felt like everyone drinking there was on the way somewhere else. Departure lounge is the word. Anyway, its worth a look in simply because it has Fat Yak on tap. A table outside would be the go. You may have to eat something though.