James Boags Premium Lager and Cricket

Two BotF founders played cricket today in an almost one year anniversary of one of the hottest games of cricket ever played. That day the temperature was 42 degrees. Today was a far more benign 28ish, but it is still hard yakka. Fortunately the Aussies were on fire and we overtook the Poms score of 211 off 35 overs with about 6 overs to spare. Mick batted extremely well and took an LBW dismissal. Fortunately, there was plenty of amber fluid to be had to celebrate – though the Fat Yak went extremely quickly. The James Boags Premium Lager is fine at first drop.

Amazingly, James Boags Premium Lager has not been reviewed on these pages. This beer has been a massive success story since its launch in 1994. Finally Crown Lager had a competitor at boardroom functions. Beer label hyperbole claims this beer to be Tasmanias finest. That may have been right when first launched, but there has been so many new beers come out of Tassie it is a very difficult call. Certainly it has won its fair share of award. I personally love it and at the end of day of slaying Poms it does the job as well as any.

BotF also gave the Cinnamon Girl Spiced Ale a second go – this time out of a glass. First thing to note is the muddy appearance. You can almost see the cinnamon suspended in the liquid. This is a sipper not a sculler. It’s not for everyone, but it is worth a try. If I’m in the glorious inner-west again, I’d pick up another one.