St. Peters Brewery Triptych – beers with a twist

Apart from “1001 beers to try before you die”, BotF has in his collection the “Australian Beer Companion”, which has extensive articles on Australian breweries. With so much activity happening in the Australian brewing and beer market – it is already out of date. One of the smallest breweries featured is St Peters Brewery, and as I was coming back to Sydney via the Princes Highway, I thought I’d drop in and pick some oddities for the ferry trip home.

St Peters Brewery is at the opposite end of the size spectrum from a Tooheys, without being a homebrewer, as you can get. The brewery is literally in 15 May Street St Peters. BotF stuck his head in, but alas there are no sales at the brewery door. The brewer was there, and he directed me to a nearby pub that stocks long necks. No flashy website for this brewery – he’s just happy keeping it local.

BotF was then looking forward to trying a couple of new brews on a spectacular Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, an overly vigilant security guard decided to also enjoy the sunny deck, which delayed the opening of the uniquely slender 640ml long necks. To be honest, we were a little wary of the Cinnamon Girl Spiced Ale so we commenced proceedings with the Green Star Lager. I’ll let Mick comment separately. I was happy with the Green Star, without being ecstatic. There was good bitterness, but there was something a little lumpy about the after-taste – not smooth. That said, things improved the longer I drank and I would have lapped up a second Green Star.

Instead, I moved on to the Cinnamon Girl Spiced Ale. It would be fair to say that this beer is unique. The spate of white beers with coriander and orange demonstrates that the Reinheitsgebot purity law has gone out the window. I just can’t recall the singular application of one spice like it has been used here. I’m going to give this another go before I pass final judgement. The late commencement to proceedings meant that the tasting was rushed.