Hitachino Nest Beer, not in the top 1001 beers to try before you die

One of BotF’s favourite bottlos is the Porters on Sydney Road at Balgowlah. The fellas there always seem to get something weird and wonderful for us to try. I’ve got to say that they came up with one of the most unusual looking and tasting beers I’ve had for awhile.

BotF also received a present for his birthday. “1001 beers you must try before you die”. I am pleased to say to say that BotF has tried a percentage of the beers in this book. I am also really pleased to say that BotF has also tried a number of beers that aren’t covered by this book. In addition the amount of overlap between the book and the Cantina bottletop collection is small.

In short the Hitochina beer is in the book and in the Cantina. I wouldn’t put in the top 1001.

It is an unusual beer. It has an unusual flavour. It felt like a ginger beer on first taste, but we were mistaken. We were puzzled and mislead by the combination of coriander and nutmeg, with orange peel. When a beer is brewed by a Sake brewer, it isn’t going to be normal. Anyway, good luck. We’ll try the other Hitochina variety that is available.