Daylight saving debut, Old Admiral and submarine

The long winter is over – the night-time or twilight trips are no more for 6 months and how good is that. Two BotF foundation members were joined in the celebration of the first Daylight BotF for the year by an old salt, Kieran.

It was a aquatic theme all round with a Collins Class submarine trailing the Manly Ferry across Sydney Harbour. We toasted the “pride” of the Australian Navy with an Old Admiral from one of BotF’s favourite pub – the Lord Nelson.

The evening was also aquatically commenced by watching the synchronised swimming in the Commonwealth Games at the live site set up at Circular Quay in front of Quay Bar. It’s a little bit of overkill to watch the Commonwealth Games, which is basically a step up from a District Schools sports carnival, on such a big screen – but maybe they are warming up for the Ashes, which would pack out the Quay. (I note that the two Lesotho swimmers took 1 minute 14 to swim the 100m – I’d back BotF member Unwin to beat that time).

OK – to the beer. Old Admiral is one the great drops from the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel. They brew 6 standards, and bottle two of them. BotF didn’t look at the alcohol content of what he picked up, but sometimes (very rarely) a 330ml bottle is a blessing. Old Admiral is a chunky, full flavoured, ruby red beauty. At 6.1%, it packs a mean old punch and 3 of these equips you for whatever challenges the home front brings. Can’t get enough of this one, but would love them to bottle Nelson’s Blood