Stiegl – the hills are alive with the sound of burping

It’s been a big week on BotF. 3 trips home this week – it doesn’t get much better than that (unless it gets warmer). Last night two of the founders wrapped their laughing gear around one of Austria’s finest – Stiegl. We also got to try out the iPhone 4 and see whether it was any better at Beer Porn than the now lamentably bad iPhone 3.

The iPhone 4 has a flash so there is a slight improvement of quality in the night time shot, but it would be fair to say that the BotF boys aren’t going to threaten Max Dupain or Ansell Adams soon – not with this equipment anyway. Different subject matter as well. Not a bad photo of Fort Denison, however.

As to the beer, Stiegl is so European it isn’t funny. Described as “steely, metallic – but not in a bad way” by Illiards, I found it distinctively tasty. We’d had a Carlton Draught as a a cleanser and it was like water in comparison to this wheaty, hoppy number. You can find it at the bavarian Bier Cafe and it stands out with its distinctive red and white livery. Brewed since 1492 in Salzburg – the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music – Stiegl is determinedly privately owned. Have a crack if you can.