The second of the beers BotF tried on the way to the Sydney Swans magnificent victory on Father’s Day was the pride of Hanoi – Halida. This is yet another brewer that is owned by a European giant and there are plenty of references to the ingenuity of the Danes on the Halida website. The website is worth a visit, if only for some classic English translation issues. Here is an an excerpt.

“As for advantageous manufacturing technology from Copenhagen, the manufacturing process is fully automated and self-contained, the Vietnamese staffs are trained professionally from Scandinavian School of Brewing Centre, and they have produced the best products to satisfy the prissiest consumers.”

It is the 1000 year anniversary of Hanoi in October. Halida has created a commerative beer called Thanh Long, which is one we’ll have to get our hands on. As for the flagship drop, it is completely drinkable. Apparently based on an old North Vietnamese recipe – I think it is just Carlsberg brewed in Hanoi. A case of Halida on hot day would be a good idea.

The Halida brand name was created as an abbreviation of Hanoi, Lien Doanh (which means joint venture in Vietnamese) and Danmach (Denmark in Vietnamese).

Happy 1000 years Hanoi.