Advertising bar and appalling branding

BotF had the pleasure of engaging with one our major commentators – “Cyril Dickthorpe” – in a professional capacity. Because of the highly innovative discussions that took place, BotF cannot reveal the nature of the chat or the exact company, but it was wonderful to see how the advertising industy carries on after 4pm.

The Sky Bar that Cyril took us to was a victim of Sydney’s icy and fast winds, so we weren’t able to enjoy it – but the beer was free. You have to love a company that has a bar fridge as depicted, as well as pin ball machines and a large grogging on area.

I also tried a new beer, which was rubbish. Kutt is a beer developed by Gage Road, which is a brewer I love. This brew is not the go. Low Carb doesn’t give you an excuse for bad beer. The slogan is “KUTT the carbs and KUTT up for summer….”. The homoerotic labelling is novel – but the beer is bad.