Snaketide – bigfriends of BotF – make the GF

BotF snuck down to the Fishos before the big WC semi-final to watch Snaketide compete in the semi-finals of what I am sure is a prestigious band competition.

Snaketide drew the last spot on the 5 band bill and the wait was worth it. After watching 4 bands made up of pre-pubescents with ridiculously floppy hair, it was a joy to watch the swaggering and competent Snaketide strut their stuff. A beefy sound, anchored by Muzz on drums and Chris on bass (a more than adequate replacement for your correspondent), provides a great foundation for Ken, Ben and the ever charismatic Myles to pump out great melodies. Impossible to listen to without a smile, Snaketide really put on a show and were deserved entrants into the semi-final.

BotF will provide plenty of notice. Fishos hasn’t got long to go in its current location, and it is worth visiting one of the great bastions of live music before it moves. One of the few places that serves Black and Brown Old.