Oh Canada – 4 Pines celebrates Canada’s birthday well

According to Wikipedia, Canada Day celebrates the day of the formation of Canada on 1st July, 1867. The Canucks get pretty serious about it, and celebrate with fireworks and the like. The expats mark it as well – and I certainly remember functions in Beijing for Canada Day.

The 4 Pines brewery in Manly doesn’t need too much of an excuse to brew a special beer. To celebrate Canada Day, 4 Pines launched a Canadian Red Ale. Ferg (a fellow NW Fairlight resident) and I tried a pint and found it to be spectacular. Very hoppy and bitter in a most pleasant way. As I type this an hour later, the bitterness lingers well. The colour is like redwood and has a mild cloudiness. There is nothing to criticise about this drop. If you get the chance, get oot to the Pines, and have a pint – hey.

I’ve had a quick look at whether Red Ale is particularly Canadian – and it doesn’t appear so. Labatts, Moosehead and Molson are all fairly standard lagers – but Quebec produces a few darker hued ales in a Belgian style like Fin Du Monde (which will halve your sperm count – to quote another BotF contributor). It doesn’t really matter, because 4 Pines Canadian Red Ale is just that good.

Happy birthday Canada – I’m envious of your flag.