Banana Bread Beer – I kid you not

Banana Bread is something that my 90 year old grandma still bakes to great effect. To find a beer called Banana Bread Beer is a shock.

The Poms have a undeserved reputation for making warm beer, but there are many British brewers of distinction. Wells and Young of Bedford are one such brewer. These guys are responsible for Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and Wells Bombadier beer amongst others. Wells and Young is actually the result of a merger of two brewers (not sure why) and they own a chain of pubs each as well as brew plenty of weird and wonderful ales and lagers.

Wells Banana Bread Beer is in a 500ml bottle, which is too much for a beer flavoured like an Allens Banana lolly. When you open the bottle you a struck like a punch in the nose by an All Black with the fake banana flavour. That sensation goes away, but not completely. You can drink one but not more than that. Their 6 pack sales should be weak.

According to the German purity law there should be only 4 ingredients in a beer, this one has 8 including banana flavouring. Real bananas are also involved in the brewing process.

Try it and see what you think.