Zlatopramen – solid Czech beer

Another in our the occasional series of beers starting with the letter Z. A piddly fourth last in the BotF alphabet of tried beers, but it is much higher in terms of quality. A couple of BotF members split a 600ml “longy” in the Cantina and we were intigued to see some significant sediment in the bottle. We gave the beer a South Australian role to stir things up and were delighted by the depth of this beer.

A great drop – very coopers pale, but with a longer after taste. Zlatopramen would appear to be a member of the Heinekin family, but unfortunately the site has no English translation to get into it. A shame because the bottle boasts a 1642 start date. They sponsor a hockey team in Czech – but that’s all I can tell you, except that if you see this in a bottle shop – go for it.