The mysterious Carter Premium Lager & and the rock and roll ferry

The trip home on the BotF was certainly different tonight. We were forced upstairs to the undercover veranda bar by the closure of the back deck and the side decks, because of the threat of high seas. The sky was very dark and the only thing that indicated where the heads were, was a white line where waves were breaking off the south head. There were three announcements asking passengers to secure their bikes and prams and we braced ourselves for the worst. It’s probably all about risk mitigation, but the skippers on the ferries know how to handle the big swell, and whilst there was no shortage of pitching and side to side movement – the captain steered a good course. Would be great to do it in the day time and see the swell coming up against the boat more clearly.

The beverage for our journey was a mystery drop. Whenever the Circular Quay bottlo sells a 6 pack for $11.99 there is something awry. An attractive bottle of “Carter Premium Lager” was in the fridge for $2.50 a stubbie. We were expecting the $15 six pack and they’ve done the $3 discount. The beer was the blandest I’ve drunk without being crap. It wasn’t soapy or slightly off like some really bad beers – but it had no discernible features either. “It’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s Carter” is the promise. The weirdest thing is that in an age of advanced beer marketing – Facebook, viral marketing, Twitter – for even the most obscure beer – there is nothing about “Carter Premium Lager” or its brewer “Southern Beverages Australia” of Port Hacking Rd, Caringbah in Whitepages or the net. There’s a couple of reviews on a site called Living Social – but the beer or brewer itself has no presence.

So an unmarketed beer, by an unlisted brewer – I wish I hadn’t drunk three of them – what will formaldehyde do to one?