The last word in beer

You know how companies would call themselves Aaaaaardvark removalists, just to be at the front of the listings in the Yellow Pages (now it’s who pays the most to be at the top of a search engine). The Poles have it in reverse to be the last beer in the alphabet. Other than starting with the letter Z, the beers have the pleasing feature in common of being 500ml in size. Both are also over 5% in alcohol at a chunky 5.6%.

Zywiec original is a pilsener that I’ve seen around for many years. It is made by the Zyweic brewery, which is in the South of Poland. Zlote Lwy is made by the same mob that brewed the Grand Imperial Porter – Browar Amber and is a pale lager.

Zwyiec wins on the alphabet war and Zlote Lwy wins on taste – but I wouldn’t knock back either.