Her Bookmark – a Beijing bar unknown

BotF almost forgot about this little classic that he discovered early on Friday morning. This is the type of place Beijing does so well. This bar/cafe which doubles as a bookshop is in the middle of a residential area and is well worth a detour to chill out in and read a copy of one of the many “What’s On” typeof magazine to plan a later assault. It was only 10am when I discovered this bar called “Her Bookmark”. Another good one for the ladies as well. A plate of meatballs cost 10RMB ($1.80) and a stubbie is $4.

I haven’t seen it in any guide and it is possibly quite new – but an inability to communicate with the bar staff prevented me from finding out how long it has been open.

The unrelated photo attached is a bloke getting his blood pressure taken on the street – only in Beijing.