The Pomegranate – Beijing’s Cheers

Spent a wonderful evening at my all time favourite bar in Beijing (well Shunyi really, but let’s not split hairs). I am pleased to advise that the Pomegranate won an award recently for “Hidden Gem” in the The Beijinger’s Annual Bar awards. Hidden Gem probably sums up this pub. The Pomme (pronounced Pommie) is difficult to find and is in an old fashioned courtyard building on the edge of a traditional Chinese village, which is surrounded by expat compounds. One minute you are driving past acerages of 3 story expat villas and then you hit this dusty laneway and in amongst grey housing is the Pomme.

Once inside, you are warmly welcomed by Pat, Beijing’s friendliest barman. A tab is instantly commenced – there’s no pay as you go at the Pomme. Menus are proferred and you just get into it. The Pomme’s patronage is dominated by the teachers at the multitude of international schools in Shunyi, but in the afternoons families will come in for a lunch in the courtyard. The Pomme has all the sport and that will attract many nationalities for whichever sport is on. Pat has undertaken to be open for every World Cup game – which will be no mean feat given the timing of some games.

Carlsberg, Kilkenny, Guinness and Stella on tap. Pat mixed a Chocolate Martini for some punter and there’s plenty of bottled beer. The menu is dominated by burgers (mushrooms and blue cheese anyone?), and there’s a Sunday breakfast as well.

Mein Host Tony from Toowoomba is in the final photo, alongside Pat and BotF. The only disappointment of the evening was that the trivia night has been moved to Wednesdays and I was only in town for one Wednesday – and therefore missed out. Nonetheless, it was delightful to reacquaint myself with the Pomme. If BotF ever gets back to Beijing, the Pomme is on the itinerary.