Mountain Goat at the Small Bar

A balmy evening in Sydney and even in May you can sit outside and enjoy a bevvy. BotF took the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor delights of Small Bar – Erskine St Branch and give a new beer a lash. Small Bar’s line-up of beer is tight but eclectic. There’s a couple of the populist drops – but then there is a spread of imports and exotics.

BotF ordered a Moutain Goat Steam Ale for himself and the lads, and soon our outdoor table was covered with empty bottles of this fine beer. Very easy to drink – quite a distinctive, hoppy taste, even though the brewer reckons it is “conservatively hopped”. It claims to be “organic” as well which you can get pissed healthily. Not sure where the Steam bit comes into it – and even Wikipedia reckons the reason for the Steam is speculative.

Pleasing to see the expansion of the Small Bar empire. Small Bar has a Crows Nest branch now. The Erskine Street branch was pleasantly packed for a Tuesday night. No wind tunnel effect outside last night, but as you can tell from the photo that is a distinct possibility.